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US-9648168-B2: Method and apparatus for optimizing response time to events in queue patent, US-9649513-B2: Aerosol dispenser patent, US-9650761-B2: Shovel and method of controlling shovel patent, US-9650792-B2: Interlocking floor panels and floor system patent, US-9651708-B2: Method of mapping reservoir fluid movement using gravity sensors patent, US-9652038-B2: Magnetic tracking of glove fingertips patent, US-9659203-B2: Low power multi-core decoder system and method patent, US-9660825-B2: System and method for multi-source multicasting in content-centric networks patent, US-9668747-B2: Patient-specific-bone-cutting guidance instruments and methods patent, US-9670617-B2: System and methods involving fabricating sheet products patent, US-9670832-B2: Thrust absorbing planetary traction drive superturbo patent, US-9674586-B2: Data structure and methods for providing an interactive program guide patent, US-9674818-B2: Sending control information over a shared channel in a wireless network patent, US-9674872-B2: Method, apparatus and system for processing very-high-speed random access patent, US-9674937-B2: Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9675257-B2: Impedance devices and methods to use the same to obtain luminal organ measurements patent, US-9676007-B1: Apparatus and method for cleaning HVAC coils patent, US-9677178-B2: Alkoxyaminosilane compounds and applications thereof patent, US-9677463-B2: Axial-flow turbine for turbocharger patent, US-9677649-B2: Hydraulic auto-tensioner patent, US-9679084-B2: Memory sharing across distributed nodes patent, US-9679424-B2: Distributed vehicle event recorder systems having a portable memory data transfer system patent, US-9679569-B2: Dynamic threshold for speaker verification patent, US-9679876-B2: Microelectronic package having at least two microelectronic elements that are horizontally spaced apart from each other patent, US-9682885-B2: Ion exchangeable glass with high crack initiation threshold patent, US-9686693-B2: WI-FI tile transfer patent, US-9687305-B2: Lighting device patent, US-9687404-B2: Garment system including at least one muscle or joint activity sensor and at least one actuator responsive to the sensor and related methods patent, US-9687981-B2: Locomotion system for robotic snake patent, US-9689694-B2: System and methods for facilitating real-time carpooling patent, US-9692840-B2: Systems and methods for monitoring and applying statistical data related to shareable links associated with content items stored in an online content management service patent, US-9695397-B2: Th1 vaccination priming for active immunotherapy patent, US-9701137-B2: Thermal printer with single latch, adjustable media storage and centering assemblies and print assembly patent, US-9701520-B2: Hoisting platform system patent, US-9702533-B1: Method and system for luminaire mounting patent, US-9702688-B2: Shape measuring apparatus patent, US-9704876-B2: Semiconductor apparatus with multiple tiers, and methods patent, US-9705048-B2: Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing same patent, US-9708185-B2: Device for producing a gaseous fuel composite and system of production thereof patent, US-9708738-B2: Embroidery frame and sewing machine patent, US-9709574-B2: Human monoclonal antibodies and methods for producing the same patent, US-9711792-B2: Positive electrode active material for secondary batteries and lithium ion secondary battery using the same patent, US-9713749-B2: Multi-layer core golf ball patent, US-9714307-B2: Partially fluorinated polymers patent, US-9714418-B2: Modified santalene synthase polypeptides, encoding nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof patent, US-9714518-B2: Debris bag with detachable collar patent, US-9717458-B2: Magnetic-flap optical sensor patent, US-9718109-B2: Punch assemblies and universal punch therefor patent, US-9718636-B2: Tape cartridge patent, US-9719251-B2: Modular in-wall functional conduits patent, US-9719665-B2: Light-emitting device patent, US-9720020-B2: Broad-range current measurement using variable resistance patent, US-9720239-B2: Virtual image display device patent, US-9720606-B2: Methods and structure for online migration of data in storage systems comprising a plurality of storage devices patent, US-9721157-B2: Systems and methods for obtaining and using information from map images patent, US-9723319-B1: Differentiation for achieving buffered decoding and bufferless decoding patent, US-9725699-B2: Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells patent, US-9727744-B2: Automatic folder access management patent, US-9729841-B2: Video decoding system having compensation function patent, US-9733394-B2: Method for preparing optical lenses patent, US-9733734-B2: Method for using a two-dimensional touchpad to manipulate a three-dimensional image patent, US-9734757-B2: Gate driver integrated circuit, and image display apparatus including the same patent, US-9735366-B2: Heterostructure comprising a carbon nanomembrane patent, US-9736832-B2: Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation patent, US-9737977-B2: Driver bit patent, US-9741207-B2: Non-sequential frame insertion interleaved wagering system patent, US-9743422-B2: Dynamic resource allocation, scheduling and signaling for variable data rate service in LTE patent, US-9743512-B2: Flexible display device patent, US-9743667-B2: Substituted benzene fungicides patent, US-9744100-B2: Child-resistant blister package patent, US-9746655-B2: Locating connectors and methods for mounting solar hardware patent, US-9747899-B2: Detecting self-generated wake expressions patent, US-9752123-B2: Method of preparing autologous cells and methods of use for therapy patent, US-9757750-B2: Medicinal device with container patent, US-9757816-B2: Machining device and machining method patent, US-9760844-B2: Forecasting method, system and machine readable storage medium for the selection between asynchronous or synchronous forecasting based on event criteria patent, US-9763279-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system patent, US-9764053-B2: Scent diffuser and clothes treatment apparatus including the same patent, US-9770368-B2: Foam wound inserts with regions of higher and lower densities, wound dressings, and methods patent, US-9771999-B2: Mono-tube type hydraulic shock absorber patent, US-9773406-B2: Methods and apparatus for contingency communications patent, US-9775470-B2: Sink accessory patent, US-9778149-B2: Fluid sample system and method patent, US-9778990-B2: Methods and systems for concurrently taking snapshots of a plurality of virtual machines patent, US-9781664-B2: Cost-effective mobile connectivity protocols patent, US-9781969-B2: Article of footwear having an integrally formed auxetic structure patent, US-9783757-B2: Poly(meth)acrylate-based viscosity index improver, lubricant additive and lubricant composition containing viscosity index improver patent, US-9783839-B2: Automated container management device for microbial detection apparatus patent, US-9784413-B2: Methods of deploying and operating variable-buoyancy assembly and non-collapsible fluid-line assembly for use with fluid-processing plant patent, US-9785299-B2: Structures and manufacturing methods for glass covered electronic devices patent, US-9787841-B2: Techniques for hybrid behavioral pairing in a contact center system patent, US-9788759-B2: Method and system for postural analysis and measuring anatomical dimensions from a digital three-dimensional image on a mobile device patent, US-9789000-B2: Glaucoma treatment device patent, US-9789122-B2: Hormone containing emulsion patent, US-9791959-B2: System and method for host-augmented touch processing patent, US-9793220-B2: Detection of environmental conditions in a semiconductor chip patent, DE-3587587-D1: N-Acetylneuraminsäure enthaltende Expektorantien. patent, US-9793729-B2: Uninterruptible power supply having removable battery patent, US-9795891-B1: Apparatus for soothing a child patent, US-9797905-B2: Use of markers in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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